Strategies Against Violent Extremism (SAVE)



Strategies against Violent Extremism (SAVE) is a program based on the 1st NAEF’s long-term preventing and countering violent extremism (PVE-CVE) programming, and our related advisory support work with both the UN and NATO.

SAVE is our advisory, research, and solutions initiative focused on PVE-CVE. It functions as a central coordination and thought leadership hub for developing high-impact PVE-CVE solutions with international bodies, governments, practitioners, and other stakeholders. We aim to coordinate the development of best-in-class PVE-CVE programs utilizing innovative solutions being deployed across the globe.


We need to take immediate action to address the increasing threat from violent extremists globally, by improving PVE-CVE programming. Domestic and transnational violent extremism is on the rise, with major incidents, recruitment and proliferation becoming more widespread and complex.

Despite certain successes, global PVE-CVE initiatives still suffer from critical gaps and often lack coordination. We have identified a number of critical gaps regarding the efficacy and effectiveness of global preventative and counter violent extremism initiatives:


To provide thought leadership, and act as an incubator to help coordinate and improve PVE-CVE programming and strategies worldwide, in order to better address the increasing threat from violent extremists.


We are non-partisan and secular. We recognize that violent extremism is not limited to any one particular ideology, and that PVE-CVE programming needs to address any and all causes of violent extremism.


SAVE provides a coordinated, thought leadership, incubator approach for addressing gaps and overlaps in saturated, under-assessed, and/or disjointed PVE-CVE programs and strategies globally.

The program includes the following services:

  1. PVE-CVE Workshops and Courses – Educating, engaging, and incubating key PVE-CVE stakeholders across all levels. This includes two frameworks designed to build and harness in-country capacity to better engage, develop, and integrate common goal programs, projects, and partners for enhanced efficiency and impact:

  2. REDI (Regional Engagement, Development, and Integration) - Establishing a regional forum of PVE-CVE practitioners. Forming and deploying a Country Core Integration Team (CCIT) within a regional development country, to advance and foster greater collaboration between existing practitioners there.

  3. KAP (Kids Are Powerful) - Empowering at-risk youth away from violent extremism through a specially designed youth help and engagement tool.

  4. Dialogues’ Events – Bringing together leading minds to develop insights and viewpoints on PVE-CVE strategies

  5. Academic Research – Establishing facts and principles around radicalization and violent extremism.

  6. Speaker Engagements – Speaking at events and conferences to promote the need for coordinated, high-impact PVE-CVE strategies and solutions across the globe.

  7. Consulting and Advisory Services – Facilitating and accelerating PVE-CVE solutions development.


SAVE will help fortify initiatives, programs, and strategies aimed at preventing or countering violent extremism, through:

  • Thought leadership;

  • A coordinated, best-in-class approach;

  • Full spectrum analysis – comprehensive evaluation of radicalization and violent extremism, with particular attention to push-pull factors for intersecting groups;

  • Incubation and rapid solutions development;

  • Stronger and relevant research and insights.