Our Programs

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Strategies Against Violent Extremism (SAVE):

An advisory, research, and solutions provider, focused on preventing and countering violent extremism.

*Includes REDI (Regional Engagement, Development, and Integration) and KAP (Kids Are Powerful) PVE-CVE frameworks.


The Lost Boys of the 21st Century:

A global awareness campaign, treatment facility concept, and knowledge-building outreach program. Uses education, rehabilitation, and counter violent extremism initiatives to help young male victims of violence and sexual violence in conflict to recover and reintegrate back into their communities.


Gateway Care:

A medical assistance and capability development program, designed to make medical services accessible to vulnerable and under-served population. Already includes a medical center in a hospital and a pop-up clinic in a remote orphanage established in Tanzania.


Learning Through Dialogue Initiative (LTDI):

An innovative cross-cultural learning program, focused on enhancing global understanding and engagement for pre-deployment personnel, university students, and civil society groups.


Veterans for Secure Energy Resource Transition (VSERT):

An independent policy think-tank, focused on bringing national security and stability to the forefront and center of energy transition projects and operations.